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inspiring transformative change.

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transform your audience.

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Shaunie Hoskins
Storyteller • Speaker • Entertainer

Shaunie Hoskins is the dynamic and vibrant storyteller behind "The Color of Story." Her stories paint pictures of resilience, hope, and transformation, blending the shades of human experience into a colorful blend of inspiration. With each story she tells and each keynote she delivers, Shaunie fully engages her audience, allowing them to see the world through the lens of possibility.


The Power of Perspective: Broken Crayons Still Color

Learn how embracing our challenges can be transformative.

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The Mindful

Harmonize the workspace through spiritual, mental, and personal alignment.

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The Power of One: Ordinary People DO Make a Difference

Discover how ONE person can transform the world.


Shaunie's engaging and interactive keynotes leave audiences inspired and equipped with practical tools for positive change. She excels in empathy, emotional connection, effective communication, and problem-solving, offering valuable insights for personal and spiritual growth to thrive in both personal and work life.

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Sample Clips

The Doctor



empower your audience.

Shaunie will empower your audience to achieve personal growth, spiritual alignment, and a healthier mental state. Ready to empower your audience?

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